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But why but a DVD in today’s age when there is so much content available online. There are a number of reasons why DVDs will continue to sell and the first is how simple it is. How easy is it to drop a dvd in your dvd players tray and jump to any scene you want and also get that extra bonus content. 

Many of the online providers are not that difficult to navigate however with downloading of porn and other content your pc or streaming device is subject to attacks from viruses and malware.  All of us have experience it and it is a real bastard to get rid of.

You need to be connected whether by wireless or other internet service and unless you have an unlimited plan it is going to chew up your quota extremely quickly and lets face the honest truth – the quality of download will never (never say never) in the foreseeable future be as good as that contained on a HD or Blu Ray Disc.  Then there is the buffering and lag associated with downloading or streaming.

Getting a DVD can be as discrete as you wish and there is no browsing history for someone to come across and they say – ahh you were watching gay porn!!! And when the internet goes down, as it may from time to time, what are you going to do then?

Of course, as with CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays offer advantages over their digitally delivered counterparts can't match the quality of contain outtakes, deleted scenes, director commentary, and other extras.Even more important for some viewers: image and audio quality. No video stream or download comes close to the razor-sharp picture and 5.1-channel sound afforded by Blu-ray. Even up-scaled DVDs look better than a lot of what you can stream.

I still prefer to buy the physical disc. Of course, that depends on the movie and if it is not something I want to add to my gay porn collection then I may choose to stream it just to make sure.  In short, buying physical media is probably the best way to go for those must have movies.