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Here at Porn Gay Australia we stock the largest range of Michael Brandon titles and always on sale at great prices.  Here are some facts about Brandon.

Bio Courtesy of Wikepidia -

Michael Brandon (born on February 9, 1965) is an American community activist, pornographic actor and director (formerly exclusive to Raging Stallion) who specializes in gay pornography. He has had his own subdivision at Raging Stallion called "Monster Bang" and has previously participated in some charitable efforts, including a "star search" for aspiring pornography actors.

Brandon is noteworthy for his large penis, which he refers to as "Monster.”

Brandon helped set up Raging Stallion Studios and has stated that he started in porn after answering an ad in Frontiers magazine. He began his career in porn in the late 1980s as a young man, but he fell into drugs and prison and didn't return until 1999. He also directed, produced, and wrote Passport to Paradise.

Brandon has appeared in nearly 200 films between 1999 and 2006, and he eventually directed his own line of films known as the "Monster Bang videos".He has engaged in what appeared to be a very busy escorting career that was documented on his website and on an online escort review site (Daddysreviews.com).

Brandon won the "Performer of the Year" at the 2001 GayVN Awards and tied for that same award in 2002 with Colton Ford. At the 2002 Adult Erotic Video Awards ("The Grabbys"), he was named, with Chad Hunt, as "Best Performers". Brandon was added to the "Grabby Wall of Fame" in 2003[11] and received a "Surprise Award" Grabby for "Hottest Cock" in 2005.

Here is a list of some of Michael Brandon’s Movies –

Accounts Layable-Hollywood Sales-Top-1999- -DRO

Air Male-Vivid- -1989- -DRO

All American Surfers-Pacific Sun Entertainment- -2000- -DRO

All Hands On Dick-Bijou Video Sales- -1986- -DRO

Apprentice 2: Dark Heart-Delta Productions-Top-2002- -DR

Ass Licking and Cum Eating-Caballero Home Video- -2007- -DRO

Ass Manwich – Man Sex- -2008- -DR

Ass Pounding Hunks 2-Bacchus Releasing- -2005- -DRO

Ass Wide Open-Hothouse Entertainment-Top-2001-1-DRO

Bad Ass-Hothouse Entertainment-Top-2011- -DRO

Balls To The Wind-Bacchus Releasing- -2000- -DRO

Bang That Ass-Raging Stallion- -2007- -DR

Battle of the Big Dicks-Hollywood Sales-Top-2002- -DO

Bear Sex Party-Brush Creek Media- -1996- -O

Best Little Whorehouse in Tex-Ass-All Worlds-Top Bottom-2001- -DRO

Best of Bi Sex Scenes-New Life Style-Top-2002- -O

Best of François Sagat 1-Raging Stallion-Top-2007- -DR

Best of Max Grand-All Worlds- -2009- -DRO

Best of Michael Brandon-Catalina Video Distributors- -2000- -D

Beyond Adorable-Luxxxor Pictures- -2000- -DRO

Bi Virgins-Leisure Time Entertainment- -2001- -DR

Big Time Excitement-West Hollywood-Top-2001- -O

Biggest Dick in Town: Well Hung-Video 10- -2004- -DRO

Black Jacks 2-Stallion Video- -1995- - 

Blow Me 2-Paladin Video- -2002-1-DO

Blow Me: Part One-MSR Releasing- -2001- -DR

Blow Me: Part Two-MSR Releasing- -2001- -DR

Blow Your Own Horn-Vivid- -1989- - 

Boner's Manual-BIC Productions- -2002- -D

Boy, Oh Boy-Video 10-Top-1988- -DRO

Boys, Boys, Boys-First Class Male- -1989- -DO

Breakfast Club-Vivid- -1999- - 

Brig Brats-Regiment Productions- -2000-1-DRO

Brittany's Transformation-Evolution Erotica- -2008-2-DRO

Butt In-Falcon-Top-2003- - 

Butt Out-Hot Hand Productions- -2003- - 

Cadet Convoy-Regiment Productions- -2005- -DRO

Campus Capers-Regiment Productions- -2000- -DRO

Closed Set: The New Crew-MSR Releasing- -2002- -DRO

Coat Your Throat-Raging Stallion- -2010- -DR

Cockpit: Everybody's Going Down-Catalina Video Distributors- -2000- -DRO

Cocks On The Rocks Gang Bang-Renegade- -2002- -DRO

Come And Get It-Hollywood Sales-Top-2001- -O

Cops Gone Bad-Raging Stallion-Top-2001- -DRO

Cops Love Cock 2-Cop Force Studios- - - - 

Cowboy Tails-Hollywood Sales-Top-2001- -O

Cuming in America-Hollywood Sales-Top-2001- -O

Czech Point-Studio 2000-Top-1999-2-DR

Deep Thoat Dudes-Iron Angel- -2001- - 

Dirty Director-Raging Stallion-Top-2002- -DRO

Donkey Dick-Vivid Man- -1997- - 

Don't Ask Don't Tell-MSR Releasing- -2000- -DRO

Don't Tease Me 1-Red Moon-Top-2001-1-D

Don't Tease Me 2-Red Moon- -2002- -D

Double Delights-Pacific Sun Entertainment- -2003- -DRO

Down Right Dangerous-Raging Stallion-Top-2003- -DR

Even More Adorable-Luxxxor Pictures-Top-2000- -DRO

Every Inch Counts-Blade Productions- -2000- -DRO

Felt-Vivid Man- -2001- - 

Fist My Gaping Hole-Raging Stallion- -2011- - 

Fistpack 1: Chris Ward's Extreme Penetration-Raging Stallion- -2002- -DR

Fistpack 3: Up For Grabs-Raging Stallion- -2004- -DR

Fistpack 4: Nutts for Butts-Raging Stallion- -2005- -DR

Gang Bang Café-Odyssey Men-Top-2002- -DR

Gay Domination-ManSex- -2008- -DRO

Gay Dreams 2: San Francisco Nights-Raging Stallion-Top-2004- -DRO

Getting It At The Rave-Pacific Sun Entertainment-Top-2001-1-DRO

Giants 2-Metro- -1993- -DRO

Guys Who Eat Cum-Hollywood Sales-Top-2001- -O

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow-Stylus- -2001- -DRO

Hairy Boyz 2-Raging Stallion- -2004- -DR

Hairy Boyz 6-Raging Stallion- -2006- -DR

Hairy Boyz 8-Raging Stallion- -2007- -DR

Hairy Tales-US Male- -2002- -DRO

Hard at Work-Raging Stallion- -2003- -DRO

Hard Eight-Mane Man Productions- -2000- -O

HardonsFor Police-Uniform X- - - - 

Harley Does The Strip-Catalina Video Distributors- -2000- -DRO

Heat of the Moment-Channel 1 Releasing (Global Warming)- -2005- -DRO

Hot Fucks 3-Raging Stallion- -2014- -D

Huge Fucking Cocks-Power Entertainment- -2002- -DRO

Humongous Cocks-Raging Stallion-Top-2009- -DR

Humongous Cocks 10-Raging Stallion- -2011- -DR

Humongous Cocks 11-Raging Stallion-Top-2011- -DR

Humongous Cocks 12-Raging Stallion- -2012- -DR

Humongous Cocks 13-Raging Stallion- -2012- -D

Humongous Cocks 2-Raging Stallion-Top-2009- -DR

Humongous Cocks 23-Raging Stallion- -2014- -D

Humongous Cocks 3-Raging Stallion- -2009- -DR

Humongous Cocks 4-Raging Stallion- -2010- -DR

Humongous Cocks 5-Raging Stallion- -2010- -DR

Humongous Cocks 6-Raging Stallion- -2010- -DR

Hunk For Hire-Catalina Video Distributors- -1999- -DRO

Hustlers Club-Oh Man! Studios-Bottom-2000- -DRO

Idle Pleasures-HIS- -1990- - 

In Gear-Rascal Video-Top-2001- -DRO

Inked Boyz 1-Raging Stallion- -2010- -D

Jimmy Rides Again-Hollywood Sales-Top-2001- -O

Late Nite Porn-Stable- -1999- -DRO

Latin Tendencies-Power Entertainment- -2002- -DRO

Leather Persuasion-Hollywood Sales- -2001- -DRO

Let Loose-Catalina Video Distributors- -2001- -DR

Let's Talk Sex-Close-up Productions- -2002- -DRO

Licking My Load 2-Hollywood Sales-Top-2001- - 

Live and Raw: The Movie-Rascal Video- -2000- -DRO

Loaded-Vivid Man- - - -DRO

Lord And Master-All Worlds-Top-2003- -DRO

Lovers Coming Home-HIS- -1990- - 

LumberJacked: Crimes Against Nature-Mustang- -2003- -DR

LumberJacked: Crimes Against Nature (new)-Mustang- -2003- -DR

Male.cum-All Worlds-Top-2001-1-DRO

Marine Base Instinct-Regiment Productions- -2000- -DRO

Marine Mischief-Regiment Productions-Top-2000- -DRO

Meat Packers-Hollywood Sales-Top-2000- -DRO

Meat Packers 3-Hollywood Sales- -2000- -O

Men Who Wear Uniforms-Hot Daddies Video- - - - 

Michael Brandon: Down and Dirty-Atron Productions- -2001- -D

Michael Brandon: Virtually Yours-Regiment Productions- -2004- -DR

Monster Bang 2: Stick It In-Raging Stallion- -2002- -DR

Monster Bang 3: Packin' Loads-Raging Stallion-Top-2003- -DR

Monster Bang 4: Poke, Prod, Penetrate-Raging Stallion-Top-2003- -DR

Monster Bang 6: Party in the Rear-Raging Stallion- -2005- -DR

Monster Bang 7: Hard as Wood-Raging Stallion- -2005- -DR

Monster Bang 9: Ass Quest 2-Raging Stallion- -2006- -DRO

Monster Bang Gold 1-Raging Stallion- -2006- -DR

Monster Bang Gold 2-Raging Stallion- -2006- -DR

My Brother Loves Dick-Mile High-Top-2009- -DRO

Natural Instinct-Mustang-Top-2002- -DRO

Nob Hill All Stars-Raging Stallion- -2002- -DR

Oh Boy-First Class Male- -1989- - 

Other Side-Grapik Arts- -2003- -DRO

Otherside-Grapik Arts- -2003- -O

Playing with Fire 2-All Worlds-Top-2000-2-DRO

Pleasure Pain-Grapik Arts- -2004- -DRO

Plexus: Hardcore Edition-Raging Stallion- -2003- - 

Poke Prod Penetrate!-Raging Stallion- -2003- -DR

Pokin' In The Boys Room-Raging Stallion- -2004- - 

Porn Star Is Born-Raging Stallion-Top-2003- -DR

PornStruck-All Worlds- -2001- -DRO

Pounded Down-Raging Stallion-Top-2011- -DR

Prison of Pain-Can-Am Productions- -2002- -D

Prowl 3-MSR Releasing- -2003- -DRO

Rear End Collision 1: Pop A Gasket-Raging Stallion-Fisting-2003- -DR

Rear End Collision 2: Lube Job-Raging Stallion- -2003- -DR

Romance-Caballero Home Video- -2001- -DRO

Salesman-Bound & Gagged-Top-2002- - 

Saluting Michael Brandon-Regiment Productions- -2002- -DRO

Saluting Stonie-Regiment Productions- -2008- -DO

Santa Monica Boulevard: Tender Trick-Street Times Video- -1989- - 

Seven Deadly Sins: Lust-All Worlds-Top Bottom-2001-1-DR

Sex In Uniform 3-South Beach (Video 10)- -1999- - 

Sex Inferno-Oh Man! Studios-Top-2001-1-DRO

Sex with a Cop-Cop Force Studios- - - - 

SexPack Eight: Sky's The Limit-Raging Stallion-Top-2002- -DR

SexPack Nine: Fire in the Hole-Raging Stallion-Top-2002- -DR

SexPackReduxxx-Raging Stallion- -2002- - 

SexPack Six: Heavy Equipment-Raging Stallion-Top-2001-2-DR

Shacking Up-In Hand Video- -1990- -DRO

Shock 2-Mustang- -2001- -DR

ShowGuys 12: Michael Brandon And Michael Star-Show Guys Production-Top-2001- -O

ShowGuys 24: The Mutiny And Mayhem Cruise-Show Guys Production-Top Bottom-2003- - 

ShowGuysCum Shots 2: Porn Stars-Show Guys Production- -2003- - 

Size Of It-Studio 2000-Bottom-2000- -DRO

Slutty Professor-Catalina Video Distributors- -2000-1-DRO

Soldiers in the Dungeon-Bound & Gagged- -2002- - 

Somethin' About A Soldier-Regiment Productions- -2002- -DRO

South Beach Cruisers-South Beach (Video 10)-Top-2001- -D

Spell-All Worlds-NonSex-2002- -DRO

Stepfather-Pacific Sun Entertainment- -2000- -DRO

Stiff-Catalina Video Distributors- -2001- -DRO

Stiff?-Sunshine Films- -2000- -DRO

Strong-Armed 2-Club Inferno- -2002- -DRO

Superstars of Pacific Sun-Pacific Sun Entertainment- -2009- -DRO

Swing Club-Rosebud- -2002- -DR

Take it Like a Man-Raging Stallion-Top-2003- -DRO

Terms Of Endowment-Raging Stallion- -2001- -DRO

Threes on Their Knees-Metro- -1994- -DR

Tiger: Down and Dirty-Atron Productions- -2001- - 

Tight Pecs-Metro- -1995- -DR

Trespass (II)-Titan Media-Top Bottom-2002-1-DR

Tune Up-All Worlds-Top-2004- -DRO

Tyler Riggz: Shot For Shot-Channel 1 Releasing-Clip Top-2006- -DRO

Uniform-Odyssey Men- -2001- -DRO

Uniform Sex Encounters-Uniform X- - - - 

Untamed-All Worlds- -2000- -DRO

Way Below The Belt-Pacific Sun Entertainment- -2005- -DRO

Wrist Rider-Falcon-Top-2002- - 

Zak Spears: The Journey Back-Odyssey Men- -2000--