10 tips for safe and enjoyable anal sex

  1. Make sure your body is clean

The first very important crucial rule is to maintain your own purity. You have to start from the inner cleaning. In the days leading up to anal sex, avoid spicy or any other food that contributes to loose stools. Of course, this is obvious, but often many people forget about it. After cleaning the inside, it’s time to cleanse your body from the outside, just take a shower

  1. Use a suitable lubricant

First of all, don’t forget to use a condom. This will protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. Anal sex can injure the skin around the anus, as well as in the rectum itself, which increases the likelihood of infection. If you and your partner are not monogamous, do not neglect this advice.


Choosing the right anal lubricant and condom is essential when preparing for anal sex. Note that if you are using a latex condom, you only need to use a water-based lubricant. Since silicone-based lubricants damage the latex condom and increase the likelihood of its rupture.

  1. Do not be forced to do it

One of the most important obstacles to a first anal experience is compulsive pressure from a partner. You must be fully prepared and really willing to try this type of sexual pleasure. Often, through their curiosity, men push their partner to anal sex without moral readiness, in such case the partner cannot relax and often gets a negative experience of anal sex. If you’re really not ready to give it a try, don’t do it.

  1. Learn to relax the sphincter muscles

The muscles of the internal sphincter are located at the entrance to the anus. Your task is to learn how to relax them, since the comfort and enjoyment of anal sex depends on the standing of these muscles. If your partner is just trying to get into you, it can be very painful.


In fact, it will take you some time to prepare your sphincter for comfortable penetration. A good way to get the sphincter to relax is to insert a lubricated finger into the anus. Keep it inside for a few minutes and just try to relax your whole body. After a while, you will feel that your sphincter is weakening naturally.


When this happens, slip in a second lubricated finger, you will feel the muscles relax even more. It’s time to use a butt plug or a small anal dildo. The main task is to relax the sphincter enough for a comfortable introduction of the penis.

  1. Moral preparation is essential

For a passive sexual partner, the first anal experience can be quite unpleasant, especially if your partner does not quite understand how your anatomy works. For the most comfortable sensations, it is important to relax not only physically, but also mentally. It is very important to fully trust your partner.

Do not forget about long relaxing foreplay and gentle caresses before anal sex. Many nerve endings are concentrated around the anus, the impact on which will give your partner unprecedented pleasure and help to relax.

  1. Ideal position

The the man should be ideal position for the first anal experience is doggy style. When you are completely relaxed and comfortable with the position of a man’s penis inside you, you can dive deeper. This way, you will have complete control over the depth and speed of penetration.

7. Choose a toy with a wide base

In order to avoid embarrassing situations when a small plug can pass through the sphincter, use only toys with a flat hat or a ring at the base. The problem is that if such a situation occurs, then it will not be so easy for you to get a small plug. the rectum has a vacuum-like pressure that works in the opposite direction.

8. Choose safe, non-porous materials

It is best to use anal toys made from non-porous materials such as silicone, stainless steel or tempered glass, which are safe on the body and can be thoroughly cleaned before and after anal use. Soap and water will do the trick. If the anal toy is vibration-free, then you can easily boil it to completely disinfect it.

9. For easier insertion, insert the toy with the pointed end into the anus at an angle

If you are new to anal play, we advise you to purchase anal plugs with a pointed tapered tip, which makes insertion easier. We also recommend inserting the plug by tilting it at an angle, rather than trying to insert it perpendicularly.

10. To relax, try deep breathing and vibrating toys

An anal vibrator can help to relax the sphincter muscles and create a more comfortable sensation. Deep, even breathing and stimulation of the genitals in other areas will also help the body relax. Take your time with foreplay and remember to pay attention to other areas of the body during anal play. The more aroused you are, the more enjoyable your anal experience will be.



Material is provided by BDSM shop Passion Craft Store

Gay Sex Toy Guide: The Most Popular Types of Gay Sex Toys

What are the Most Popular Gay Sex Toys

The sex toy industry has been on an all-time high these past years, with the gay community taking the lead. With the world changing perspectives on gay couples, now, more than ever, people are comfortable exploring their sexuality and openly speaking about sexual pleasure.

In today’s world, people are building empires in this industry to sell sex toys. And so, it should not come as a surprise to find a friend asking to acquire a flex cash payday loan to start their line of gay sex toys. There is nothing wrong with capitalizing on a business that offers millions the joy of sexual pleasure. It is business, after all!

This piece will take a deep dive into why sexual pleasure is important. And also look at some of the most popular types of gay sex toys that offer maximum sexual pleasure.

Want to find out these and more?

Keep reading!

Why is Sexual Pleasure Important?

Sexual pleasure is paramount because it helps people improve all aspects of their lives. It has immeasurable benefits that extend beyond the physical. Sexual pleasure also touches on social, emotional, intellectual, and psychological well-being.

On a physical aspect, sex helps build your immunity and betters your sleep. People who feel more pleasure in bed lead a happier life with fewer mood swings on an emotional front. Socially, when you feel great, you radiate that confidence among your peers. Lastly, intellectually and psychologically, with active sexual pleasure, you are more proactive, productive, and peaceful.

Gay people can use sex toys and props to improve a variety of sexual activities. These include penetrative and non-penetrative sex.

In men, sex toys mainly stimulate the sphincter muscles and increase prostate stimulation. And here are the most popular ones with the highest sexual pleasure ratings.

5 Best Gay Sex Toys You Should Have

1. Anal Beads

The first gay sex toy that sells in millions is anal beads. These are beginner-friendly, and that is why they are beloved. They are usually a set of beads in different sphere-like shapes on one rope.

To use one, you place the beads into your partner’s anus and gently tag on it to stimulate them until they climax reaching ultimate sexual pleasure.

2. Anal Plugs

Plugs are the second most beloved gay sex toys because they have a completely different sensation to beads. Anal plugs have a special effect on the nerve endings in the anus that most people find exuberating. And since those nerve endings are one of the body’s best sexual pleasure pressure points, the climax is unforgettable.

Plugs are available in various sizes, shapes, and materials, and all gay people have their preferences. But most advice is that you should get one that has a flared base. This is a safety precaution to avoid the plug from slipping in during anal play. To use a plug, you must have a lubricant.

3. Cock Rings

The third most beloved gay sex toy that guarantees sexual pleasure is cock ring. Just as the name suggests, a cock ring is a smoothly edged ring that the penis fits right in. Some are adjustable while some are not.

Sexual pleasure in using cock rings comes from the tightening sensation they feel when the penis erects. This is because it restricts blood flow and the resistance of the ring turns pain into pleasure. These are perfect for someone who gets sexual pleasure from pain.

Most penis pumps have a cock ring for faster stimulation. Others are vibrating to add that extra sexual pleasure. They can be used by couples, multiples, and even as a masturbation toy for those that experience sexual pleasure anxiety.

4. Ball Stretchers

If you are someone who gets sexual pleasure from pain, then this is certainly the sex toy for you. Ball stretchers are essentially rings that have a weight on them that hangs below the scrotum. It is worn around the scrotum during penetration.

These are perfect BDSM tools that turn pain into pleasure.

5. Vibrators

Vibrators are also a favorite in the gay community as they help couples climax by stimulating the prostate and the p-spot. The prostate is found in front of the rectum, bordering the penis and bladder on each side.

Like the G-spot on the female body, the P-spot is a hub of thousands of nerve endings. And so the orgasms a guy gets by using a vibrator to stimulate the p-spot are intense.

Yet again, vibrators, just like all other gay sex toys, come in various designs. The most popular one is the bullet vibrator. It is an egg-shaped device that one inserts into the anus, and it produces a buzzing sensation.

The speed and mode are remote-controlled. So one partner can play with the speeds to tease the other. Its playful nature makes it a must-have!

Bottom Line

There are so many types of gay sex toys out there. But these five top the list of being the best. Some need a partner while using and some you can use to satisfy yourself. Get some sexual pleasure during meditation or while watching a movie. Sexual pleasure is healthy, and you deserve it. So if you want to spice up your sex life get one, or all!

And if there is a favorite we left out, kindly tell us what it is in the comment section below.

Jade is a finance analyst and has been involved in many successful business projects with a range of companies throughout the country. She started writing 3 years ago and enjoys researching, discussing, and writing on the topics of finances, budgeting, money advice, lifestyle and wellness. Jade loves to spend time with her family and has a lot of hobbies including hiking, riding a bike, cooking and traveling.

What gay and bisexual men should know when it comes to dating

There’s no denying that dating gay and bisexual men is a difficult task, but it’s even more difficult when you’re part of the LGBTQ community since there’s so much social stigma surrounding it. Even something a little out of the ordinary is significant in a society that likes to keep everything and everyone inboxes. A couple of the same sex being in a relationship is, therefore, a very secretive affair. The only thing that truly matters whether you are gay, bisexual, or straight is love. Gay and bisexual men should follow these seven pieces of dating advice.


​Date but not within your type

It is perfectly natural to be drawn to guys who are better looking or behave differently. If they don’t fit what you are typically attracted to, don’t rule them out as a whole group. Keep an open mind when it comes to men. By doing so, your options are greatly expanded.

Have a video call before meeting up

Video chat with a guy in gay cams before meeting up if you meet him online. It will prevent you from dressing up, being excited, and commuting to where you will be meeting him, only to realize you are completely uninterested. You can entirely avoid this stressful situation with a quick video chat on live gay webcams first.

​Never make plans in advance

It slows down excitement and momentum when you schedule too far in advance. Also, you or he may need to cancel a meeting due to something else that pops up. If you talk to someone, try to schedule your first date right away and your second date shortly after.

It isn’t only about sex

The pleasure of sex is amazing. It is important to have a healthy sexual life. When you are dating him, there should be other reasons besides sex that make your relationship last for longer than a year. As a relationship progresses, sexual intimacy becomes less important.

​Don’t force your attraction

It’s okay if there isn’t a spark no matter how intelligent, funny, attractive, sincere, kind, etc. the guy is. In order to become more effective, you need to realize that you can’t force an emotional connection if you don’t have it.

​During the first date, talk about interesting topics

Do not be shy about discussing controversial and even interesting subjects. Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness. Make your first date memorable by taking risks. That’s what leads to more dates.

Give it your all even if you have low expectations

A successful date requires this attitude. Think you’re going to get nowhere with the guy and that there won’t be anything happening. You should still provide him with your attention and let him impress you. The downside is that you may be disappointed, but if it does work out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Recommendations For Gay And Bisexual Men’s Health

Sexual Health For Bisexual And Gay Men

Did you know that more than half of the individuals that live with HIV in the United States comprise men that have sex with other men, bisexuals, and gays?

As such, is men’s health reliable? No. The fact is, you never truly know if you are safe with your partner until you take precautions like getting tested and using protection during sexual intimacy. This is something to consider every time you are on one of your best dating sites looking for one-night stands.

It is also one of the biggest reasons why men’s health is important from a community and an individual perspective. Nonetheless, we cannot work on men’s health if we are not informed. So today, we’ll look at some of the recommendations given by the CDC and other medical experts on ways to protect men’s health.

But first, let’s look at some of the common health issues most men experience.

<h2>What Are Men’s Health Issues?</h2>

Just like heterosexual relationships, relations between the bisexual, gay, and men that have sex with other men can have severe health issues. Some of these common issues include:

  •       Intimate partner violence. Men can equally be abusive to their male counterparts. Usually, this comes in the form of verbal threats to “out” their partner and in some physical abuse.
  •       Substance abuse. Because of the stigma that comes with being bisexual, gay, or sexually attracted to other men, the abuse of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco has become prevalent in this community. This contributes to increased men’s health issues like cancer, liver damage, and STDs due to risky and intoxicated sexual behaviors.
  •       Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). Men go through the same body insecurities that women do, which results in eating disorders, discrimination, and mental health issues like depression and low self-esteem.
  •       Sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The most prevalent ones that affect men’s health include HIV, HPV, Syphilis, Hepatitis A, B and C, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Non-specific urethritis (inflammation of the urethra), Genital Herpes, and Genital Warts.

Remember, there is a prevalence of sexual partners among men who have sex with other bisexual and gay men with higher rates of these health issues. Besides, receptive vaginal sex is eighteen times less prone to HIV infections than receptive anal sex.

Also, because of homophobia, stigma, and discrimination, it might be much harder to seek medical help. Sadly, there are also less appropriate medical support and services for these men’s health concerns.

Recommendations For Gay And Bisexual Men

Here are some of our recommendations to keep your health safe and prevent severe health issues:

  1.   Getting Tests

You can only learn how to improve men’s health if you take the first step and get tested. Here’s why:

  •       Taking an HIV and STD test will reveal your status. After which, you can take further steps to improve or safeguard your health. For instance, if you do test positive for HIV, you can start taking the necessary medication.
  •       This will take care of your immunity as much as the health of your sexual partner. Also, it is easier to get an STD like gonorrhea if you already have HIV. But once you get the test, you can start practicing the correct preventative measures.

It is recommended that you get a test after every six months.

  1.   Getting Vaccinations

Suppose you do find that you test negative for any of these men’s health issues. In that case, it would be prudent for you to ask your doctor for vaccinations since they will protect your health. Some of the vaccines you should consider include:

  •       Hepatitis vaccine. You’ll need two doses of the Hepatitis A vaccine and three doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine.
  •       Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. You can get this vaccine if you are 26 years of age or less. Three doses in six months are enough to protect you from HPV.
  •       Flu vaccine. This is one single shot given at the start of the fall – the flu season.
  1.   Lifestyle Change

In addition to getting vaccinated, you should change some of your lifestyle habits. For instance, learning about men’s health and the transmission of STDs creates awareness, which breeds the need for protective measures.

Also, create an open, honest, and non-judgmental space for communication with your partner so that you can discuss your men’s health. Introduce the use of condoms in your sex life and reduce drugs or alcohol consumption to limit the occurrence of risky behavior.

Moreover, if you lower the number of sexual partners, you will lower your chances of infection. Look up information about men’s health for fertility since STDs like gonorrhea can lead to men’s fertility complications if not treated.

Another lifestyle change you can make is incorporating basic care for men’s health and nutrition practices into your life. Healthy, nutritious meals can strengthen your immunity. This, in turn, will make it easier for your body to fight diseases in case you will have any. It will also help with recovery if you are taking any STD medications.

Also, men’s health and fitness programs will help you maintain a healthy weight and BMI by keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol levels low. Thus, it becomes less likely for you to get a heart attack.


In brief, take care of your health, get regular checkups and screenings, and limit your alcohol use. But most of all, get informed as much as you can about men’s health. This could be the best preventative measure if you have sex with other men, are bisexual, or are gay.

Also, if you’ve experienced discrimination or stigma before, please share your experience with us. We would love to hear from you and get to share our experiences.

Davis is a marriage and family therapist. She has worked in a variety of therapeutic settings over the past 7 years providing services to children, adults, families, and couples. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves traveling and hiking.

7 Best Sex Toys For Gay Men And Gay Couples

It’s amusing how sex toys have won the hearts of their customers in the current day and age and we have found the 7 Best Sex Toys For Gay Men that fit their desires and sexual orientation, and that make play time for gay couples a thrilling experience.  These toys should not only satisfy, tease, and give you an unbelievable climax that will make you want more, but they should also help to make long-distance sex possible with the help of these tools that satisfy sexual cravings regardless if you’re gay or straight.


Sex toys cater to all genders and are available to anyone who desires them. That is why no sex toy or butt plug is specifically “gay” by definition. Because the best days are when you find the ideal sex toy for you, regardless of your sexual orientation.


The top 7 finest sex toys for gay men and couples are listed here, and they will undoubtedly elevate sexual satisfaction, whether alone or with a partner, to new heights.



Adam & Eve Anal Trainer Kit


With this 100% thermoplastic rubber butt plug training kit, start small and gradually progress to medium and large. It’s made up of three smooth TPR butt plugs of various diameters. Each one has a flexible shaft with little ridges that stimulate the areas of your body where you are most sensitive.


You may train your butt to enjoy the delightful joys of anal sex with this seductive collection of three soft and pliable anal plugs! Begin with the little plug, advance to the medium plug, and then to the larger plug to continue your anal adventures. Each plug has a tapered tip for easy insertion and a stretchy ring for pleasurable thrusting and removal. With Adam & Eve toy cleaner and a hot water rinse, cleanup is a breeze.



Adam & Eve P-Spot Vibrating Prostate Massager


With this nicely designed silicone massager, you may explore and rock your prostate. By tilting the remote control, you may control the vibrations’ speed and power. Along with your prostate, it stimulates your perineum, also known as your taint or grundle. Strong vibrations are sent to the P-spot and along the ribbed shaft by a powerful motor. Even the safety base, which is designed like a strong bow, vibrates! Your P-spot will be enthralled by the properly angled tip for mind-blowing orgasms. Take your massager into the bath or shower because it’s waterproof.



Anal Fantasy Collection Ass-Gasm Cock Ring Advanced Plug


With the Ass-Gasm Cock Ring Advanced Plug, you can have the most explosive ejaculations ever. This wearable plug, made entirely of silky-smooth Elite SiliconeT, doubles as a performance-enhancing cock ring, allowing the wearer to prolong ejaculation and enjoy excellent prostate stimulation while doing so. The Ass-GasmCockring Advanced Plug has a special base that was developed to allow the user to gradually put pressure at the base of the plug to glide into penetration.



Firefly Pleasure Beads


To stimulate your interior erogenous zones, slowly put these anal beads into the anus. While you’re climaxing, have your lover slowly withdraw these evil guys out of you. The thrills are boundless, from tiny to enormous. Firefly Glow-in-the-Dark Beads are designed for exploration and pleasure. These beads are flexible and soft, making them suitable for both beginners and experts. TPE is harmless for the body and may be used with any lubricant. Turn up the oomph and the radiance.



Renegade Infinity Ring


The Infinity cock and ball tugger is a two-in-one ring that wraps around your entire package and tugs on your balls. This bad boy will undoubtedly assist you in being erect and lasting longer.


It’s incredibly simple to put on and take off! Simply clamp the second ring around the base of your cock and balls after putting your cock through one of the rings. The flat, smooth, pleasant, and body-safe silicone stays put and keeps your engorgement in place. The adjustable snaps guarantee a universal fit while also ensuring endurance and extended companion play. Stay harder for a longer period of time to get a more intense orgasm.



Colours Pride Edition – 6” Dong


The NS Novelties’ Pride Edition dildo will show your pride and unleash your true colors. This rainbow-colored dongs are constructed of superior-grade silicone with a satin-smooth feel and a firm base for flexible play, and are inspired by the Pride flag. Deep delight is provided by its beautiful veined texture, impressive length, and girth. The suction cup on the classic cock keeps it in place while you enjoy riding it in the tub or shower! These Pride Edition dongs, which are available in 6-inch and 8-inch sizes, are firm for easy penetration and non-porous for worry-free cleaning.



PDX Elite Vibrating Roto-Teazer


The Vibrating Roto-Teazer has it all: rotation, vibration, and pulsation. It gives a different kind of pleasure with its completely automated and motorized masturbator!


The super-soft Elite Silicone sleeve wraps around the most sensitive portions of your cock with each circular motion of the shaft, providing libido-triggering sensations, while rows of small ticklers pleasure and play with your head. You’ve got the best handheld cordless masturbator when you combine the alluring circular motion with 7 thrilling pulsation patterns and 3 vibration levels that tickle your head directly. Enjoy the convenience of not having to use your hands to get what you want when you want it.


You can find a huge range of toys for gay men and couples including anal toys at affordable prices at Sex Toys Palace – Adult Shop Online.


4 Best Tips From Gay Couples For Fantastic Sex Experience

If you’ve been happily married for a long time, your sex experience can get boring over time. And if you’ve met a handsome guy on HookupDate, you need a couple of secrets to impress him in bed.

Regardless of your relationship, there is always room for sex improvement. So, where to get sex advice to blow your mind? This article will tell you about some of the secrets that gay men use for maximum pleasure. However, heterosexual couples can also learn something useful from this sex advice. So stop being shy, and let’s sort it out together!

Diversify Your Foreplay

How sensual is your foreplay? Perhaps every time before sex, you do the usual actions for you and your partner? A couple of kisses, strokes, and that’s it? However, good foreplay will give you pleasure and make the sex itself brighter. It will bring you closer and allow you to get to know each other better.

Neck, ears, chest, nipples, inner thigh… the list is endless. Moreover, it is different for everyone. Explore his body, discover new zones, and take your time, continuing this sweet bliss. Here is one more piece of sex advice for married couples. Try to blindfold him and touch his body in unexpected places, bite, lick, and stroke. This will turn you on more than you can imagine.

Try Sex Toys

We will not paint you the variety of all sex toys available for your pleasure. But trust our sex advice for long-term relationships; there are some things you should try to enhance your delight. Try innocent sex pose games, temperature-changing cubes, or the most daring couple anal vibrators and nipple clips. The main thing is to discuss the choice with your partner and choose what you both like.

Feel free to discuss what you would like to do in bed, what sex toys to try, talk about your erogenous zones and the sensations associated with them. Ask your partner what role he would like to play in sex. Think about what kind of experiments you would try in sex.

Control Your Muscles

You need to train the pubococcygeus muscle for best results, and for this, you need to perform Kegel exercises. Yes, these are men’s things too.

Stand in front of a mirror and try to lift your scrotum without using your hands. Then, by tightening and relaxing your muscles, try shortening your penis. Once you learn how to control muscle tensing and relaxations, you can train them. First, tighten your muscles, count to 10, then relax them.

Do 10 sets. This will help you learn to better control your ejaculation, and you can stay in bed longer and have a brighter orgasm.

Take Care of Your Pleasure

Whatever pleasure anal sex gives you, it can sometimes be painful for both. This problem is easy enough to solve with the right lube. Since the anus does not produce natural lubrication like the vagina, it must be lubricated to avoid damage.

The most important sex advice for beginners is to choose the right lubricant for anal sex because they provide better glide, and most of them include anesthetic components. However, you don’t need to worry. It does not mean that your sensitivity will decrease.

When engaging in anal sex, be sure to communicate your needs to your partner. Some are used to rough gay sex, but you may be a beginner. Penetrating too harshly can seriously damage the rectum and bring fear and anxiety. Instead, take it easy, use foreplay whenever possible, and you will be in the mood for amazing anal sex.


Why does the intimate side of a relationship become boring and routine? How can you avoid this? To experiment, calm your inner critic, relax, and surrender to the moment. Tune in to the sensations, remember what you like, repeat and develop.

Many couples are overworked, stressed, and see sex as just another obligation. As a result, they sabotage moments of intimacy and secretly breathe a sigh of relief when their partner suggests “just go to bed.” Ideally, making love should fill you with new energy, not take it away. So explore each other and don’t limit your fun!

What do you think of our sex advice? Perhaps you have your ideas? Share them with us in the comments below.

The Best Male Masturbator for Sexual Satisfaction

The Best Male Masturbator Methods: Devices and Costs

Sexual satisfaction and being a male masturbator is one of those topics most men shy away from despite the many benefits they can get from male using toys. There are many types of male masturbation toys one can buy. If you’re worried about the cost, you can get 1000 dollar loans online. If you’re looking for how to increase sexual satisfaction, here are some male sex toys you should consider. 

Kiiro KEON Male Masturbator

How do you know if your partner is sexually satisfied? If you’re not sure you satisfied your partner, you can add some toys to your bedroom action to ensure the fun does not stop when one of you gets exhausted. The Kiiro KEON is an automatic masturbator.

This is a blowjob machine that strokes the penis automatically, delivering up to 230 strokes per minute. The best part is you can connect it to virtual reality porn sites and stroke your penis in sync with the on-screen action.  Also, the masturbator is USB rechargeable, and its battery can last up to two hours.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

For people wondering how to regain sexual satisfaction, the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is a suitable toy for your bedroom.  It’s designed as an elastic “pink vagina” and rated as one of the best masturbation sleeves on the market. While it’s not the most intense product you can get, it does the job excellently. This is a classic masturbator you can easily use and maintain. 

Quickshot Vantage

If you’re a couple who understands what sexual satisfaction means, you would consider getting the Quickshot Vantage from Fleshlight. Unlike other male masturbators, the device is short in length with open orifices on either end, which means you can use it from either angle. It’s a convenient make stroker that can offer both a blowjob and regular sex. It’s the best option if you would like to intensify the sensations while cumming in or on your partner. Also, it’s priced well, and you’ll love that it offers easier cleaning than regular Fleshlight masturbators.

ArcWave Ion

Have you been wondering what signs of sexual satisfaction are? While many people say a woman’s organism is more intense, many men don’t understand how it would feel if it was replicated on them. This toy changes that as it delivers intensely pleasurable sensations focused on the penis frenulum, stimulating a clitoral-like climax.

It applies targeted waves instead of vibrations or suction. So, the toy delivers an out-of-this-world kind of experience through a lightweight, compact, handheld casing. The exterior is ergonomic to ensure optimal handling, plus it comes with a twist-apart function for easy cleaning. 

Tenga Zero Flip

The Tenga Zero Flip is the ultimate masturbation machine for guys who came home from a long day and just want to get off without using too much effort. It’s a high-tech masturbator with five different vibration settings. You get a snug 0.5-inch-diameter orifice and a powerful vacuum suction, which gives you intense pleasure.  The product is unique, rechargeable, and rated among the best budget masturbators on the market.

Onyx 2

With the Onyx 2, you can reach up to 140 strokes per minute. It comes with a powerful cock stroking engine to provide an experience like no other. It’s integrated with special virtual reality videos featuring porn stars, allowing you to feel like you’re on-screen with the model in real life. 


Finding the right male masturbator not only gives you intense pleasure, but it can spice up your relationship as everyone can get the sexual satisfaction they deserve. These toys are just a few among many options you can consider to add some fire in the bedroom. 

Have you tried to use some of these toys? What are your impressions or recommendations? Leave a suggestion in the comments below.

The Art of Male Sex Toys

There is a lot of change happening in the world and, of course, in our modernization. Sex and satisfaction are changing too. Male sex toys have been there for a while, but they have become famous with the day.

However, there is opposition from people who feel shameful or that masturbation is wrong. They are not truthful. With difficulty in finding a partner and being a busy person, masturbation is inevitable. To achieve satisfaction, it would be best if one invested in a male sex toy.

The good thing about these male sex toys is that you can use them alone or with a partner. Another benefit is that these male sex toys will give you an experience like no other. Some have vibrating features, thrusting, heating, sucking, and even squeezing. Those are things you definitely cannot achieve with your hand alone.

Here is a fact, reaching your partners or your own prostrate requires a form of art. You can get a toy that works on your or your partner’s G-spot as you simultaneously operate the penis allowing you to reach very high levels of pleasure.

I mean, who does not want to get to the climax of pleasure? Well, how do you get these sex toys? Where do you get them? Probably, the other question in your mind is where to get them.

Types of Male Sex Toys

There are several kinds of sex toys for men. Even so, there are three most common ones in the market. They are:

Couples’ Toys

Sex toys for men aren’t just for you, the news is, and you can use them together with your partner. Using these sex toys will spice up your sex life and potentially improve your relationship. Some of the designs of these sex toys are in a way that stimulates both you and your partner.

Masturbation Sleeve

Masturbation sleeves are the most common types of sex toys for men. They are simple to use. All you have to do is insert them and allow pleasure. There is a lot of this brand type in the male sex toy market is. As easy as they are to use, they are also affordable to buy.

Prostate Massager

Most guys, even the straight ones, are coming around to the idea of playing with their butts. The prostrate nerve is known as the male G-spot because it allows guys to achieve the highest form of pleasure and reach more profound heights of orgasm. Explore your backside with the best prostate massager.

The Best Sex Toys for Men

Here are some of the best sex toys on the market that you can easily purchase online. The good thing with buying online is that you can get discrete. The following are some of the best:

Easy Beat Egg –TENGA

TENGA egg beat is from the Japanese and is widely known. The shell has a stretchy inside. The masturbator slides onto your penis quickly and conveniently, giving you maximum pleasure. The carton it’s packaged with has six eggs. Each of these eggs is different, which means that their texture is different, and therefore you will experience a variety of sensations. They are a great way of modifying or making foreplay better.

Fleshlight Pink Lady

Fleshlight is among the famous brand in male sex toys. When describing a male sex toy, most guy’s first come to mind is the Fleshlight pink lady. It is also a very discrete masturbation sleeve because, from the outside, it looks like a flashlight, just as the name suggests. While the inside gives a lot of excitement than any other toy, a boy or a man could have.

Fleshlight pink lady features include a kinky life ingress. Its interior is tight and ribbed a forthright, basic sex toy for men. Therefore it is a good toy for beginners. Its occasional users find it convenient and a great sex toy.

Satisfier Heat Masturbater

What makes a satisfier Masturbater better than most vibrating masturbation sleeves is its divine secret; it has heat. It has three levels of warmth up to 104°C, hence giving you a genuine feeling as though you are in a person and allowing comfort and safety. The device prides itself on ten vibrating purposes and seven speeds. You can also use this gadget in a shower or tub because it is waterproof. It is conveniently easy to use. It gives one a very satisfying pleasure, and its length makes it discrete.


Lelo Hugo Prostrate Massager

Lelo is a company that produces the best sleek and high-quality sex toys that look and feel amazing. The prostate massager is no lesser than that. It’s making leads to unexplainable stimulation both to the anal area and the penis. It has a remote control which makes it easy to use and fun too. Hugo induces intense orgasms when alone, and couples can also use it for extra pleasure.

Auto blow AI

The Auto blow AI is a blow job equipment. It gives a person warmth, and you can use it as much as you desire.

Tenuto Mystery Vibe

A jack of all trades is the name to give this device. It gives pleasure both to the man, and if they are [playing with a female partner, it allows pleasure to her clitoris and vulva.

It also can function as a cock ring.

It is easy to use, and you can control it with your phone through an app. Tenuto Mystery Vibe is a device that you cannot go wrong with, and it’s all-in.

Where to Get Male Sex Toys

Most guys are afraid to go to a shop and ask for male sex toys. Although there is nothing to be ashamed of, if you want discretion, then you will get it. Buy male sex toys online from reliable shops such as shop Sohimi. You will get authentic toys suitable for you and experience the kind of pleasure you deserve.

Before buying, ensure that you read the reviews from people who have bought and used the particular men’s sex toy that interests you.

After I sent a male sex toy to my boyfriend, he felt that this thing was actually a kind of rigid demand, and he had been holding it with his hands before. After experiencing the male adult toy, he realized that some needs were not important because they were not unearthed. In fact, male sex toy is really rigid demand.

Why Threesome Is the Most Common Sexual Fantasy among Most of Us?

Do you know more than 85% of the world’s total population fantasized about a threesome? Most people think that only men believe in such a way, but the things have turned out to be very surprising where a study has revealed the woman has also shown an equal amount of interest in it.

Many of them have wished to experience two men simultaneously that is very common in threesomes. This post will try to evaluate the main reasons why everyone fantasized about threesomes these days.

  • Extra Naughtiness

Not even a single person will deny that there is tons of naughtiness that we can impossibly find in normal sex sessions. It feels pretty good when you have a third person for spicing up things. Most people like to do nasty things that are quite common to feature in threesome videos.


A threesome can open the getaway for tons of secret things that often stay hidden in our hearts. You are free to explore your sexuality by adding a third person to your lovemaking sessions. If you haven’t tried threesome yet, you have no idea about the experience that opens the new pathway for new discoveries.


  • Tons of Fun

The triple threat companionship is prominently featured on the threesome cams, where every participant has tons of fun. No matter, it is the group of three boys sharing in one session, the fun gets a great boost while having a threesome.


  • Variety

We all get bored by doing the same stuff over time while having sex that asks the mind to crave more. An adventurous person always understands variety is the spice of life. Having a threesome can be completely refreshing for a couple who will find extra spice in their relationship.


  • Surpassing Boundaries

We all have certain boundaries in lovemaking sessions as a gay couple. Most of them don’t think about surpassing due to respect and love for each other. However, the addition of a third person during the threesome makes sure both of you open up and trying lots of amazing things.  Who knows, you could even become a gay pornstar.


  • No One Left Unsatisfied

It doesn’t matter how much sex you have in your body; indulging in a threesome ensures everyone gets satisfied. There will be a backup on your side even one person blows out and leaves the game. Each participant will defiantly have a perfect pleasure experience that we often see in threesome cams.


  • Increases Closeness

A threesome can turn out to be a method for bringing your gay partner closer. Despite being awesome lovemaking partners, we often become away from each other due to busy commitments. However, a threesome is used by tons of couples as a way to bring each other closer.


We understand you now understand why everyone is so curious about threesomes these days. So, what are you waiting for? Life is very short, so you should

How to Revive Sex in LGBT Relationships

4 Simple Tips to Get Things Exciting!

How to recover sex feelings is a thought that crosses the minds of most LGBT couples after a certain time in their relationship. Physical touch is an integral part of feeling loved in a relationship, and thus a lack of it or dissatisfaction is often the cause behind an unhappy couple. While some adjust to the sexual inactivity and the lack of romance, many others go separate ways out of frustration instead of trying to revive sex. But did you know there are ways to save your dying relationship? What do you think people go to a Dating Mentor, Family Therapist, or Sexologist for? However, convincing your partner to agree to professional help may be uncomfortable or even difficult. If you are in that army, don’t worry because simple things can bring back the passion & excitement to every relationship. Follow the tips to become one of the most sexually satisfied LGBT couples by knowing how to revive a sex drive.

Tip to Revive Sex1- Use the Touch Stimulation

One thing that makes dating an exciting period is the little touches here and there with slow advancements. The following are timeless ways to use your touch stimulation naturally and escalate things spontaneously to revive sex. Also, things are good when it’s unplanned.

A soft hand massage

Entwining fingers while watching a movie

Kissing the back of the neck

Sucking the lips

Touching inner thighs

Pressing the lower back

Tip to Revive Sex2- Get Your Teasing Game Up

Who said you have to be boring because you have been together for some time? Use your experience with your partner in your favour to revive sex. Nobody can know a better way to tease your partner than you do because you know all their kinks. Take out the clothes you used to get the most compliments in. Take away the shirt if your back is what teases your partner. Do the things you know stir their sexual appetite. And the best, don’t forget to stay oblivious to playing dirty to revive sex.


Tip to Revive Sex3- Do the Sex Analysis

Don’t shy away from discussing your time in bed. When you think of how to revive sex power in your partner, you first have to show them their partner. Have you ever tried telling them how amazing you felt with their certain action? If you don’t like a certain thing, show them how you like it. See your worries of how to revive sex in a relationship vanish in minutes by telling your partner how they have power over your body.


Tip to Revive Sex4 – Experiment

Are you following routine sex like eating the same food every day for years? The most excellent taste evaporates if you don’t experiment. Thus the most important tip to revive sex is to experiment. Introduce:






Talk about each other’s fantasies to revive sex. Surprise your partner by making one dream true and witness the magic unfold.


Hitting the mid-life crisis is familiar to any couple, be it heterosexual or homo. Sex lives reaching a pause or most commonly a tedious phase is a dreadful situation that all couples experience at one time and hope to revive sex. If we had to point out the reasons for the LGBT couples, the top three points would be psychological imbalances, relationship problems, and auto-pilot sex. If you notice the causes well, you will realize that communication can solve all three of them. You have to initiate it in the right direction. So whoever first coined, “Communication is the key,” was not wrong! Tell us in the comments: what do you think is the real problem in your relationship? Also, which tip did you find the best way to revive sex drive?

Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.


The mid-life crisis or boring sex phase hits every LGBT couple. While things may become frustrating, simple things can quickly change the situation from nay to naughty. Here are some well-tested expert tips to revive sex for you to try now!