6 Surprising Men’s Sex Facts That You Never Knew

Surprising Men’s Sex Facts

Isn’t that amazing that when you think you already know everything about a particular topic, you get confronted with new knowledge? Especially when it’s on issues that affect us daily, it happens quite often, and more than we’d like to admit, even to the best of us. It’s probably for this reason learning is considered a continuous process. Sex is one such thing. In particular, there are sex facts everyone should know. However, you’ll be surprised at how very few people are aware of them.

While writing the best dating sites review, we realized that not so many of us understand intercourse in detail, and especially the facts surrounding it. Therefore, we’ll let you in on some sex facts you didn’t know, and that will give you quite a surprise.

1.    Ejaculation Doesn’t Always Mean an Orgasm

Just because he had an ejaculation, it doesn’t necessarily mean he had an orgasm. The majority of women often assume that they are aware of all sex facts about men, but you’ll be flabbergasted at how only a handful are informed about this. Ejaculation and orgasm are two separate things for a man. We’ll explain where to find his g-spot shortly. Although, most of the time, they’ll reach an orgasm. So, the next time you’ll be getting intimate, impress him by playing with his pleasure spot.

2.    One of the Rarely Known Sex Facts About Guys– The Real Penis Size

One of the most interesting sex facts for males, which probably some aren’t even aware of, is its real size. Half the penis is in the body, and therefore we can’t see it. Anatomical studies have shown that the penis starts from the pubic bone. It’s probably the reason why male sex toys give so much pleasure since they’re able to reach the hidden areas.

It’s also worth mentioning that once a man is past his teenage years, the penis stops growing. This means size rarely changes, even when you use enlarging creams or other similar practices. The average erect cock is anywhere between 5 to 6 inches. Small ones go as low as 1.5 inches, while extremely big can get to 10 inches.

3.    They Have a G-Spot

Men have a G-spot too!

Among the rarely known sex facts about guys is that they have a G-spot. The woman’s G-spot is a popular subject. Rarely do we talk about men. They have one located somewhere at the base of the penis. Male sex toys are designed with this in mind to give more pleasure. It’s found on the prostate gland, which is a couple of inches away from the anus.

4.    Semen

Well, here’s another surprise – semen is good for the skin, and that’s not a myth but a scientifically proven fact. It’s also believed to contain anti-aging properties.Moreover, sperm stays in the vagina for more than the standard 48hrs. In some cases, they live for up to 5 days. Contrary to the belief that sperm only comes out, sometimes it can go in reverse, instead of shooting to the bladder. These are exciting sex facts you didn’t know. Note that reverse cum often occurs due to some underlying medical condition such as diabetes or in individuals who have had prostate surgery.

5.    Hormone

There are male hormonal sex facts everyone should know, which sadly only a handful of us do. We believe being knowledgeable on such issues often positively impacts the relationship, especially the intimate part. As is known, men produce testosterone that is responsible for their high libido. However, there’s also another hormone – oxytocin.

It’s popularly referred to as the bonding hormone – that’s because of the role it plays whenever released. A good example is a mother and a child who’s breastfeeding since oxytocin gets produced during the process. In lovemaking, there’s a production of the same hormone in large amounts, the reason for cuddling and lots of pillow talk. However, it’s also a sedative. That’s why he sleeps afterward and not because he’s not into you.

6.    They Love Oral Sex

Men Love Oral Sex

Oral intimacy makes his cock grow bigger – one of the vital sex facts you need to know. It could be a game-changer in your romantic moments. Men become more stimulated with orals as it gives those bursts of pleasure.


Becoming knowledgeable of various time details, whether it relates to men or women, helps improve intimacy. That’s because you get to know how to satisfy your partner better. These are just some of the sex facts to know, and there are a lot more!

Please share with us some surprising things that you think we should know.

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