Secrets Of Gay Porn Stars

There are many secrets for everyone in the world. But there are definitely secrets for gay porn stars. Its not always about money, sex, and hot men and women. A lot of other things will come with that. First thing is there is a lot of hours that goes into porn. It’s not all fun and games, you have a lot of other things that goes into each and every scene. These scenes can last hours and hours on end and even days. Sometimes you get lucky and have major chemistry with your co star, and then sometimes it isn’t that easy. You have to take viagra to make yourself last the whole seen, because it takes multiple hours to film. Yes it is nice to know that when you are having a bad day that you can fix it within minutes. But after a while it will take a toll on you. The majority of gay porn stars are not even gay. Most of the time they will fake their orgasms just for the camera, In worst case scenarios gay porn stars go through drugs, abuse, and violence, and even disease.

Gay Porn Stars Secrets

Something that people don’t even talk about is rape! Yes rape happens in porn more than you would think. Some of those sex scenes you see of rape aren’t acting they are real. A lot of them do not ever speak of this because this can cause them to not have any more work. They are afraid to say anything because obviously this is how they make money. There is so many drugs in this industry and no one wants to talk about it. Sometimes this is a lifelong effect on your life. Drugs can change your life forever, but sometimes this is the only way they can cope with what they are doing. And with the disease they only test you every 30 days so that is very risky in itself. Also the majority of gay men are HIV positive, so that’s hard to get away from. Many may people doing porn have tested positive for some type of disease. People think that working for these companies they will be protected from diseases, but that is not the case. Some of these people are even in relationships and doing this. Of course a job like this would put strain on the relationship. Your partner may not understand why you do this, or may not even think the money you are making is worth it. One of the hardest parts is that when having sex with someone is your job, it is hard to actually have an emotional connection with your actually partner. Having sex always feels like work, work, work. The intimacy and the emotional connection is very hard to find with your significant other.

Also men make less then women do, So men will go gay for the pay! When they do gay porn their pay will increase and they think that is worth it, When you are young and new to the industry they will take advantage of you. They know you will do anything for money, so they make you think that whatever they are doing is normal. In today’s world people are wanting more and more. And of course these industries are giving it to them. People even get coerced into scene that don’t want to do. Scenes they have said they never want to do or try. And of course they are told that once they do this scene that they will never have to do it again. Or that they will even make more money. That they will be the most popular person in the industry. Its all lies most of the time and just part of it. In some ways this may be the worst secret of them all. You could lose family and friends over this. Maybe they are embarrassed, for you and themselves. They want better for you and they know you’re worth.

When you are at the lowest of low in your life, you have no money to get to work the next day. Know that porn may not always be the answer. Yes I am sure that it has its high moments, When you are making great money and meeting great people. But there are always secrets to everything in life, and there are many secrets to the porn industry.