Crazy mens sex toys

When you talk of sex toys people are quick to conclude that they are only reserved for women. If you have been having that perception you are wrong. Men have decided to spice up their feelings with the best sex toys that give ultimate pleasure. In this article, I will highlight some of the crazy sex toys that men use. Read on and find out.

Autoblow 2+XT

This is a blow job beast sex toy that you will find in the market today. It stimulates blowjobs automatically by applying some pressure on your penis using its magical beads. It is a little heavier and loud but it does its work perfectly.

Lyps Caesar vibrating butt and cock ring

When the erogenous zones are agitated you will receive tremendous orgasms that will leave you squealing like a baby. The Caesar vibrates the shaft of your penile tissue and the prostate glands and along with the scrotal sac. The penis head will also stimulate sending sensational orgasms from all the parts. This results in intensely pleasurable full-body orgasms.

Blow Yo

If you are looking to extend your blowjob to another level then here is the real deal. At first sight, you might not understand how it is used because it seems to be covering a small section of the penis. However, it has a stretchable silicone that will cover your lower shaft hence allowing your partner to use the tip of their mouth to tackle the upper shaft. This sends sensational feeling and you will never regret buying this blowjob accessory.

Mangasms lifetime stroker

Are you looking for an accessory that resembles a real vagina? Here’s you get in touch with real vagina simulator which will make you feel like you are inside the real vagina. Upon entry, you will feel some tightness but as you thrust in more it naturally like expands give you a pleasurable moment.

B-vibe rimming plug

This is the best rimming simulator in the market which is characterized by its analingus rotating beads which feel damn good like your partner’s tongue. You can try using it with your partner for more incredible results. It works best for men who want to explore anal play.

The wanking sock

If you like masturbating then here is a great sex toy that will drive you crazy. It is purely made from argyl knit. There are different materials depending on your preference. Some people prefer latex others go for leather but eventually, it will rock your masturbation.

Flashlight Quickshot

This is yet another discrete masturbation sleeve which is popularly termed as Quickshot. I think the manufacturers might have taught about its functional relevance. All you need is to insert your penis but it will accommodate approximately 3.5 inches and you are all set to explore the best it offers. It is also easy to store and you can have it anywhere anytime.

Tenga egg

Have you been yearning for the best bang for your buck? Well, renga egg is going to revive your sex life. It should not miss in your jerk box because it helps you spice up things when the old fashion way become unbearable. It is as cheap as $6 but its results are beyond contemplating.

Lelo Loki

This is a luxurious vibrating prostate massager for crazy men. Scientifically the prostate is often referred to as the male G spot which needs to be agitated effectively to take your orgasms to another level. This is all you need to get the job well done and you will always yearn to have it to send sensational feelings on your G spot.

Aneros Helix prostate stimulator

This is slightly cheaper and smaller than Lelo Loki but it is a good accessory especially if you are a beginner.  It forms a foundation for you master how things are done and when you are all set you can upgrade to Lelo Loki.

Lovehoney Bionic Bullet

If she has been complaining of reduced sexual pleasure here is the solution. The bionic Bullet has two rings whereby one is to get gently grip on your testicles and the other one at the base of your penis. The results are amazing because it will help you last longer in bed. Additionally, your spouse will receive ultimate pleasure because the rabbit which is connected to the ring will gently massage the clit upon penetration.