Sex Tips And Tricks From Gay Porn Stars

As we know every day the homosexual person is more common, and moreover, we can see it as something normal all over the world. Sadly there are still areas of the world where homosexuality is not widely accepted, and not only that, it is not even respected. We have all known a gay person at some time or another, or even have friends and family who have openly declared themselves to be homosexual. Today, there are more and more people who understand that love should not be restricted, let alone insulted for having sexual temptations of the same sex.

Gay Sex Tips

Making love between people is very common and natural. Whether you are passive or active it is essential to take into account these tips, to give your partner maximum pleasure and have good gay sex.

You Need To Use Protection And Lubricant

We all know the importance of using protection. It’s important to remember to use a condom to make gay sex safer.  Both should use protection to avoid sexual diseases. Without a condom, anal penetration is not recommended.  However, not only is using a condom important, remember to use a lubricant as well, to make gay sex easier and less problematic to penetrate. You must give him impotence and demonstrate confidence.  You must be willing to receive a penis from another within you, but you need to show that you are willing and have the desire, not just to do it and be done with it.  Also remember that it must be with love, not in a hurry to have gay sex. It should be noted that there is also gay sex without penetration.

You Must Relax, Breathe And Dilate

If you are doing it for the first time, you must relax, breathe at a good pace to make penetration easier.

Relaxing to get a good rhythm of breathing will make your sphincter dilate and the penis can enter without any complications.

Be Flexible

It is not at all necessary that you are an Olympic gymnast or be able to perform fellatio on yourself, but it is not superfluous to have some flexibility in your knees and hips, this is to facilitate sexual intercourse.

Take Care Of Your Nutrition

There are different foods that are heavier than others, which could cause you to have bad indigestion which would cause discomfort when practicing anal sex. For this reason it is best to avoid eating these foods when you go to have gay sex.

It is not advisable to endure the desire to have a bowel movement while having anal sex, because it can cause stomach discomfort and, in addition, damage to the stomach.

The best thing you can do is to eat light foods and let a few hours pass so that you can digest them well and have anal sex without any problems.

Find A Comfortable Position

Always look for a comfortable position in which the penis can enter easily. This will also depend on the shape and direction (angle) in which the partner’s penis stands.

Generally, if the erect penis has an upward direction and curvature, the ideal, for anatomical reasons, is to be face to face for better penetration.

However, if it is another case in which the penis has a downward direction, the doggy or back position is recommended.

You Need To Be Patient

The asset must have a lot of patience and be very careful, it is also in both of us to maintain that balance. If he sticks it in, the sex will be completely ruined. Plus it’ll leave you in a lot of pain, especially if you’re a first-time user. Ideally, anal sex should be done little by little at first, with no rush. If it hurts a lot, you may need more stimulation or more lubrication.

As the sex lasts longer, the pain will be less and less and therefore it will be easier, but the first time you have sex should always be the softest, as it is the most painful.

If the asset is hurting you, you have to say and set the pace or position yourself. A recommendation: Never let yourself do something you don’t want to do.

Since you have these tips to make gay sex easier, you should put them into practice, so you can both enjoy the best sex.

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