5 Best Gay Sex Positions That Will Skyrocket Your Sexual Desire

Top Gay Sex Positions to Begin With

Even the most ideal intimate life requires variety from time to time. According to sexologists, our brain simply gets high from the sensation of novelty. The explosion of emotions you get when you try something new has an excellent effect on overall satisfaction and sexual desire. Luckily, on hookup dating sites, you can find yourself a partner to try our top 5 best gay positions.


Everyone wants to know how to improve sexual desire and make sex life various and exciting. But where does sexual desire come from in the first place? Sexual desire comes from our well-being and health and is often associated with male and female hormones — androgens and estrogens. But can sexual desire turn into love? Sexual desire is a big part of love, but it is not the only component. Good sex life is essential, but love requires commitment, intimacy and mutual understanding.


Trying new sex positions is the best way to boost your sexual desire and get closer with your partner. See our top 5 gay sex positions that will make you so horny that you might stark asking yourself how to get rid of sexual desire.


Missionary Sex Position

A missionary position is often described as dull and boring. But despite this, it is still the most popular position among gay couples. It is simple yet intimate. You can kiss and look each other in the eyes, and it will have a good influence on your sexual desire. You can try various locations of the legs or raising the hips to different levels. The man on top can stand with straight legs, bending the torso, or kneel down and keep his back straight. It all depends on what you like and how strong your sexual desire is.


69 is a great oral sex position, in which both partners get their portion of affection and tame their sexual desire. You can perform it half-side or on the back – this is not so important. Your hands remain free, so you can caress the anus, scrotum, and bodies of each other. Try anal plugs and vibrators to enhance the sensation. Your sex is your fantasy!

Doggie Style


Doggie-style sex pose is good because it provides maximum stimulation of the G-spot without any effort and boosts your sexual desire. Would you like to spice up the position? Easy! Have doggie-style sex in front of the mirror or ask your partner to slap you on the butt lightly. However, if you prefer romantic sex to aggressive sex, your man can gently stroke you every now and then. Doggie-style position may make you wonder how to control your sexual desire, though, as it is extra hot.

Just a Quickie

This sex position is perfect for your sexual desire. You can try it on a kitchen table, a washing machine or a desk. Sit on the table and wrap your legs around your partner. This position is awesome as your partner can determine the depth and frequency of penetration, so you just have to relax and satisfy your sexual desire.

Look Into My Eyes

It is a slightly modified missionary sex position since you put your legs on your partner’s shoulders. Your raised legs provide deeper penetration, and you can quickly satisfy each other’s sexual desire. The position is suitable for couples with strong sexual desire who like looking each other in the eyes during sex and combine penetration with sensual kisses on the lips.


Any of the proposed gay sex positions can be diversified, considering the height and weight of partners, the depth of penetration and personal preferences. You can use chairs, stools, any surface or furniture to add variety and tame your sexual desire. Sex between two men can be beautiful in any position because the main thing is to give and receive positive emotions and connect with your partner. We would love to hear about your favorite positions that satisfy your sexual desire. Share in the comments below!

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