6 Surprising Men’s Sex Facts That You Never Knew

Surprising Men’s Sex Facts

Isn’t that amazing that when you think you already know everything about a particular topic, you get confronted with new knowledge? Especially when it’s on issues that affect us daily, it happens quite often, and more than we’d like to admit, even to the best of us. It’s probably for this reason learning is considered a continuous process. Sex is one such thing. In particular, there are sex facts everyone should know. However, you’ll be surprised at how very few people are aware of them.

While writing the best dating sites review, we realized that not so many of us understand intercourse in detail, and especially the facts surrounding it. Therefore, we’ll let you in on some sex facts you didn’t know, and that will give you quite a surprise.

1.    Ejaculation Doesn’t Always Mean an Orgasm

Just because he had an ejaculation, it doesn’t necessarily mean he had an orgasm. The majority of women often assume that they are aware of all sex facts about men, but you’ll be flabbergasted at how only a handful are informed about this. Ejaculation and orgasm are two separate things for a man. We’ll explain where to find his g-spot shortly. Although, most of the time, they’ll reach an orgasm. So, the next time you’ll be getting intimate, impress him by playing with his pleasure spot.

2.    One of the Rarely Known Sex Facts About Guys– The Real Penis Size

One of the most interesting sex facts for males, which probably some aren’t even aware of, is its real size. Half the penis is in the body, and therefore we can’t see it. Anatomical studies have shown that the penis starts from the pubic bone. It’s probably the reason why male sex toys give so much pleasure since they’re able to reach the hidden areas.

It’s also worth mentioning that once a man is past his teenage years, the penis stops growing. This means size rarely changes, even when you use enlarging creams or other similar practices. The average erect cock is anywhere between 5 to 6 inches. Small ones go as low as 1.5 inches, while extremely big can get to 10 inches.

3.    They Have a G-Spot

Men have a G-spot too!

Among the rarely known sex facts about guys is that they have a G-spot. The woman’s G-spot is a popular subject. Rarely do we talk about men. They have one located somewhere at the base of the penis. Male sex toys are designed with this in mind to give more pleasure. It’s found on the prostate gland, which is a couple of inches away from the anus.

4.    Semen

Well, here’s another surprise – semen is good for the skin, and that’s not a myth but a scientifically proven fact. It’s also believed to contain anti-aging properties.Moreover, sperm stays in the vagina for more than the standard 48hrs. In some cases, they live for up to 5 days. Contrary to the belief that sperm only comes out, sometimes it can go in reverse, instead of shooting to the bladder. These are exciting sex facts you didn’t know. Note that reverse cum often occurs due to some underlying medical condition such as diabetes or in individuals who have had prostate surgery.

5.    Hormone

There are male hormonal sex facts everyone should know, which sadly only a handful of us do. We believe being knowledgeable on such issues often positively impacts the relationship, especially the intimate part. As is known, men produce testosterone that is responsible for their high libido. However, there’s also another hormone – oxytocin.

It’s popularly referred to as the bonding hormone – that’s because of the role it plays whenever released. A good example is a mother and a child who’s breastfeeding since oxytocin gets produced during the process. In lovemaking, there’s a production of the same hormone in large amounts, the reason for cuddling and lots of pillow talk. However, it’s also a sedative. That’s why he sleeps afterward and not because he’s not into you.

6.    They Love Oral Sex

Men Love Oral Sex

Oral intimacy makes his cock grow bigger – one of the vital sex facts you need to know. It could be a game-changer in your romantic moments. Men become more stimulated with orals as it gives those bursts of pleasure.


Becoming knowledgeable of various time details, whether it relates to men or women, helps improve intimacy. That’s because you get to know how to satisfy your partner better. These are just some of the sex facts to know, and there are a lot more!

Please share with us some surprising things that you think we should know.

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Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

Sex Tips And Tricks From Gay Porn Stars

As we know every day the homosexual person is more common, and moreover, we can see it as something normal all over the world. Sadly there are still areas of the world where homosexuality is not widely accepted, and not only that, it is not even respected. We have all known a gay person at some time or another, or even have friends and family who have openly declared themselves to be homosexual. Today, there are more and more people who understand that love should not be restricted, let alone insulted for having sexual temptations of the same sex.

Gay Sex Tips

Making love between people is very common and natural. Whether you are passive or active it is essential to take into account these tips, to give your partner maximum pleasure and have good gay sex.

You Need To Use Protection And Lubricant

We all know the importance of using protection. It’s important to remember to use a condom to make gay sex safer.  Both should use protection to avoid sexual diseases. Without a condom, anal penetration is not recommended.  However, not only is using a condom important, remember to use a lubricant as well, to make gay sex easier and less problematic to penetrate. You must give him impotence and demonstrate confidence.  You must be willing to receive a penis from another within you, but you need to show that you are willing and have the desire, not just to do it and be done with it.  Also remember that it must be with love, not in a hurry to have gay sex. It should be noted that there is also gay sex without penetration.

You Must Relax, Breathe And Dilate

If you are doing it for the first time, you must relax, breathe at a good pace to make penetration easier.

Relaxing to get a good rhythm of breathing will make your sphincter dilate and the penis can enter without any complications.

Be Flexible

It is not at all necessary that you are an Olympic gymnast or be able to perform fellatio on yourself, but it is not superfluous to have some flexibility in your knees and hips, this is to facilitate sexual intercourse.

Take Care Of Your Nutrition

There are different foods that are heavier than others, which could cause you to have bad indigestion which would cause discomfort when practicing anal sex. For this reason it is best to avoid eating these foods when you go to have gay sex.

It is not advisable to endure the desire to have a bowel movement while having anal sex, because it can cause stomach discomfort and, in addition, damage to the stomach.

The best thing you can do is to eat light foods and let a few hours pass so that you can digest them well and have anal sex without any problems.

Find A Comfortable Position

Always look for a comfortable position in which the penis can enter easily. This will also depend on the shape and direction (angle) in which the partner’s penis stands.

Generally, if the erect penis has an upward direction and curvature, the ideal, for anatomical reasons, is to be face to face for better penetration.

However, if it is another case in which the penis has a downward direction, the doggy or back position is recommended.

You Need To Be Patient

The asset must have a lot of patience and be very careful, it is also in both of us to maintain that balance. If he sticks it in, the sex will be completely ruined. Plus it’ll leave you in a lot of pain, especially if you’re a first-time user. Ideally, anal sex should be done little by little at first, with no rush. If it hurts a lot, you may need more stimulation or more lubrication.

As the sex lasts longer, the pain will be less and less and therefore it will be easier, but the first time you have sex should always be the softest, as it is the most painful.

If the asset is hurting you, you have to say and set the pace or position yourself. A recommendation: Never let yourself do something you don’t want to do.

Since you have these tips to make gay sex easier, you should put them into practice, so you can both enjoy the best sex.

These General Tips Can Help You Be A Better Passive.

How Much Do Gay Porn Stars Earn

Gay porn stars make more money than straight porn stars. They make roughly around $5,000 a scene. Straight people make around $500-$1000 a scene. The people that make the $5,000 are the porn stars that are more popular. If you are just getting started in the business then you will be making on the lower end at $500-$1,000. Most gay porn stars don’t use this as a full time job. Usually this is way to just have side money or extra income. Some even use it to mark up their escort rates. They will get paid more by a client if they are a porn star. The more popular you are the more you will get paid. Just like a regular job, the longer you have been somewhere the more money you make.

The amount of hours that gay porn stars work really just varies. Some can work hours and hours in a day and others may just do one scene a day. This also depends on the demand of the porn star. If they are really popular they are going to do a lot more scenes in one day then someone who isn’t as popular. There isn’t a set schedule for them like your regular 9-5 job. Sometimes one film can take days to shoot. There are many variables that you to take into account. You will have cuts through the shoot if something doesn’t go right, and if you want the scene to last a long period of time as well you will have to have numerous breaks. You also have to remember that the hours they work doesn’t only consist of the actual sex scene. They have to come in bright and early in the morning to do a whole list of things. They will have to take STD tests and then wait on the results of those tests. And of course do a slew of paperwork before starting anything. Once all of that is complete they then will have to get their hair and makeup done. We all know hair and makeup will take up hours because they want their stars to look perfect for the scene. Often once they are complete with that they will move along to pictures and that may take a few hours. These pictures can be used for advertising the stars or even for covers of a video. After the many tasks they have to complete they can they start the scene. Sometimes the scene will take around 20-45 minutes that all just depends on how many cuts they have to take. Some scenes can take up to 22 hours of work. One person may not be able to stay aroused, they then will have to use a helping hand to take care of that. The often take breaks and will shoot solo scenes as well. Some scenes can even take days to finish. It all really depends on what happens throughout the day and what kind of trouble they may run into. You can always run into things that you didn’t think would happen that could also take up more time as well.

There are quite a few places that you can do the most gay porn. Los Angeles of course has a lot of jobs that you can take, even Las Vegas! Your best bet is for you to go through an agency and get help. These agencies have experience with this type of work and they always know where to begin in getting you work. The more work you do the more they will get paid. Some people will start with an agency and then once they get their foot in the door they will venture out onto their own. They can research the best work and best paying work as well. Sometimes you even have to audition for porn. You can’t just sign up and start tomorrow, it is a whole lot of work. It’s almost like casting for a movie in some ways. They will want to get some of your information and see how you act in front of a camera with a lot of people around. There isn’t just one place that does the most porn, you kind of just have to explore and see who is hiring at the moment. When going through an agency they can definitely help you with that.