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Johnny Rapid Gay Porn Star

Raised form a humble background, Johnny Rapid story has caught the attention of the world. This 19 year old is just a normal human being just like others. He has got passion form making new friends among other things that he is interested in like cars. Johnny Rapid became famous when he decided to quit his old job. Johnny has been wrestling for the last six years and he gained the name “Rapid” because of his wrestling abilities. He soon found himself in contact with some of the most well respected film makers in the heart of Hollywood and persisted to star in some films. His career quickly developed after he applied for several jobs in the adult film industry in the summer of 2011 and he began starring in many different films, becoming a huge part of this industry.

Johnny Rapid is also known for the 2013sixty minute, television mini-series documentary, Outspoken. He appeared on episode 1 of the mini-series. This series showed various popular internet stars in their regular, everyday life. Each cast member, including Johnny Rapid, gives all of the true and dirty details about what it is like to be a star.

This teenager loves modeling and as a result he joined the pay site men dot com because he wanted to fulfill his dream of modeling. Coworkers, friends and families helped Johnny to start his modeling career. As young as he is, many questions have been asked why he decided to be a part of a online paysite but he says that he is bisexual, being interested in both male and female partners. Johnny Rapid has appeared in 3 of the 5 websites from men dot com as a star.

As a porn star, Johnny seems to enjoy a lot especially when he appears in movie scenes with other stars. “Prison Shower” is one of the scenes that Johnny seems to enjoy a lot and these scene has a lot got the attention of the many viewers. He has been doing extremely well in a really short period of time and still is very young. Starting out young in the business resulted in he has a very open mind and was not scared to try different things. Being born in 1992 means that Johnny rapid is still very young for what he has achieved in his career. However, his hard work has paid off and he now gets to do his favorite things in abundance, which will be driving fast sports motor vehicles, have a great time and enjoy the high life. If you want to know more about Johnny Rapid the teenager star, check out his own blog, his website shows his recent twitter feed, photos, and allows you to preview all his videos. He also has a live webcam which the site states allows him to chat with fans via live feed.

He has only starred in a few films including –

  • Outspoken (TV Mini-Series documentary)
  • – Hometown Pornstar (2013) … Himself
  •  2013 I’m a Porn Star (Documentary)
  •  2014 Stepfather’s Secret (Video)
  •  2012 Drill My Hole 6 (Video)