How To Be A Gay Porn Star

Every pervert and porn addict in the world has, at some point in their lives, thought about working on an adult movie set. It sounds like the perfect job for them. Every day, you’re going on a set, and you’re having sex with tons of attractive gay men. One of them starts to date you, and you build a big, porn empire that takes over the world of porn. For some, that’s the ultimate dream.

Gay porn is no different. While everything looks glamorous in front of the camera, it’s a lot of hard work behind the scenes. It’s more difficult for men to get into the porn industry than it is for women. Men need to be extremely versatile to get in the porn industry, even if it means doing things deemed as gay here and there. But with that in mind, any man can be a gay porn star if he wants to be. This is how to be a gay porn star.

Step 1: Know What You’re Getting Into

Getting into the adult film industry is risky. Before Facebook and Google, it was easier to hide from family and friends if you did porn for a living. Now, it’s encouraged you to stay honest with all your close loved ones because the truth will come out. Gay porn star Chris Harder says that part of being a gay porn star is dealing with your mother constantly asking you why you’re throwing your life away for porn.

Being in any type of porn will also close lots of doors for you, too, should you decide to leave the porn industry one day. You need to have a backup plan for what to do when you one day leave. Make sure whatever you decide is something that your past as a gay porn star is going to destroy. More than likely, you won’t become a teacher after your time in the porn industry.

If you can find a decent job after the porn life, you’ll be fine. But if there’s a job that requires a background check, maybe you should do that before you jump in the gay porn star life.

Step 2: Getting Into The Industry

For men, it’s more difficult to get into porn than it is women. They can’t just send an email to a producer and hopes that producer sees them as the next big gay porn star. They have to work harder than that. If you have the experience, try it out! Or you can find a porn star and start dating them. That’s how a lot of porn stars had their starts! They dated porn stars, and their S.O.s helped them get in the industry.

Step 3: Show Off Your Ability To Perform

If you’re lucky to get a producer, you need to show that producer you’re worth their time. For gay and straight men alike, this involves going into a producer’s office and showing them that you can have an erection and cum on command. It might sound somewhat easy, but you need to show you don’t need any stimulation to get hard at all.

If you pass the test in front of the producer, you’ll get put on the set. Remember when you had to get hard in front of him? Now you have to do that again in front of multiple people, including the person or persons you’re having sex with. Having sex on a film set is not as sexy as having sex in your bedroom, or a dungeon if you’re into that. You will need to have the stamina to keep your erection up for as long as possible. Filmmakers need as many angles as possible to turn as many people on. If you can keep it up through all the different camera angles, then congratulations!

You’re well on your way to becoming the next gay porn star!

Do you have what it takes to be a gay porn star?

A gay porn star’s life is not as glamorous as it looks on the internet. It’s a lot of hard work, patience, persistence, and endurance in the industry. If you think you can handle everything in the pron industry, then good luck!